Welcome to my new lifestyle photography website, earlier this year I decided that I would separate out my wedding and lifestyle photography websites so that each was dedicated to a specific genre of photography. I have always felt that someone looking for family photography would rather see just that than a trail through wedding photos and vise verse so I hope that you like the new website?


As a natural light photographer, I love to shoot outdoors and capture someone in a more natural environment doing what they like to do as a family, than in a studio with artificial light. So Lifestyle photography is about capturing you doing what you like to do outdoors and on location.


This can be anything from the beach to a park or even the woods, it could even be at your home, it is whatever suits you and your style and family.

I find that with lifestyle photography everyone is a lot more relaxed than they would be if they were photographed in a studio and as such I am able to capture beautiful imagery that you will treasure forever,


This depends on you and what you like to wear, I do however recommend that you wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and that are timeless, so if you are a family jeans and white t-shirts or shirts makes for a classic timeless photo that will never date.

I always say you should avoid ‘branded’ or clothes with logos on them as these can date a photograph and you should also avoid green and striped clothes.

I do however send out never to your appointment a style sheet with tips and advice on what to wear and what to bring with you to ensure that you get the best from the session.

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